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The Overlords

Welcome to The Overlords, we are a 30k/40k gaming club and podcast. Hope you enjoy us and we thank you for listening.

Sep 27, 2010

Here is our 15th Episode

Club News

Helping Jack with his Black Templars

KR Multicase Kaiser One Review

Collaborative Codex Creation

Dan Abnett Interview

Sep 20, 2010

We are joined in our new secret lair by first time pdocaster, long timer overlords, Andrew and finally get Dean on our show and also by Pat from 11th Company.

We open up with a fun segment called Codex Solitaire we roughly rank the codex.

Shagga gives some of his wisdom with 3 ork dos and 2 ord don't

Then we discuss a...

Sep 14, 2010

Club news
Battle reports
Catch up from Roll With It
Legion of the Damned Codex

Sep 6, 2010

This week we recap on the first round of our evolution league and discuss orks for beginners (for the benefit of quite a few of our members). We discuss points trading and how relevant it is to 5th edition.