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The Overlords

Welcome to The Overlords, we are a 30k/40k gaming club and podcast. Hope you enjoy us and we thank you for listening.

Dec 6, 2011

This week Steve, Jon, Ciaran, David, Paul and same entertain you with another three and a half hour of pure class. We talk tactics, Necrons and finish up with an awesome interview.

Congratulations to Wingazz and Jaguar0094

00:03:09 Gaming News. 

00:18:12 Overlords News. 

00:56:48 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - Controlling the Board Part 2 - Specifics

01:19:56 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer: We reveal project Necron - Part three of our review

02:09:13 Dagmire's Tavern: Interview with 4TK gaming.

03:30:29 The End - Thank you for listening.