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The Overlords

Welcome to The Overlords, we are a 30k/40k gaming club and podcast. Hope you enjoy us and we thank you for listening.

Jul 19, 2011

This week David and Ciaran return from the Throne of Skulls with tales of heroic victory, we review the KR Prestige case, have an Interview with Precinct Omega plus all our usual going ons. Enjoy!

00:03:32 40K Gaming News - Krags Tournament info at

00:15:40 Overlord News

01:13:35 KR Multicase Prestige Case Review

01:24:54 Meatlocker - Throne of Skulls

02:42:26 Interview with Robey Jenkins from Precinct Omega

03:56:50 Thanks for listening to us Rabbit On.