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The Overlords

Welcome to The Overlords, we are a 30k/40k gaming club and podcast. Hope you enjoy us and we thank you for listening.

Jul 5, 2011

Welcome to Episode 55

00:03:35 40K Gaming News.

00:20:53 Overlord News.

KR Multicase

01:12:19 Sprue Peter - bits box to the rescue - Steve's sniper drones save a shed load.

01:44:50 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - the brown patch-getting stuck with Marines.

A good army to learn the game with? (Rowarth from the forum).

02:12:13 Interview with Rob Leigh from Servants of the Imperium

02:35:47 Thanks for listening to us "Rabbit"on about our fav hobby, 40K!