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The Overlords

Welcome to The Overlords, we are a 30k/40k gaming club and podcast. Hope you enjoy us and we thank you for listening.

Sep 1, 2014

This week we take a first look at the Grey knights codex. We hear from Inquisitor Steve as hegoes to a tournament! We also talk a bit about 7th and how our favourite armies are doing in the new edition. Last we have a look at Warzone Resurrection. 

Hope you enjoy.


00:00:00 - 00:39:00 Intro and News - Grey Knights Release

00:39:52 - 01:09:38 Overnews and What We've been up to

01:10:34 - 01:51:01 Feel The Inquistors H.A.T.E

01:54:20 - 02:46:31 How do our Armies fare - 7th Ed

02:46:31 - 03:24:50 Warzone Resurrection

03:24:50 - 03:29:56 Goodnight and goodby